Why #BOPO is about more than just fat bodies

Body Positivity, or BOPO is big news all of a sudden. All the celebrities seem to be joining the bandwagon and that’s great!
But they seem to be attracting the usual negativity of anyone that raises their head above the parapet for something they believe in. There seems to be a misconception that body positivity should only be for the fat and obese, that a straight sized attractive person has no business identifying with messages of self-love and body confidence.
We at Positively Perfect vehemently oppose that idea.

Firstly, being fat doesn’t prohibit beauty.
Secondly, we have never met anyone, of any size that doesn’t have at least one insecurity about the way they look. Be that a supermodel or a shop worker, we all have at least one thing that given a magic wand, we would change about how we look.
Now this makes body positivity sound frivolous and shallow. And I suppose compared to many subjects it is.  But there are deeper issues that evolve from our self-deprecation of our bodies.

It is no shock that depression amongst teens is at an all-time high. Self-mutilation, body dysmorphia and eating disorders are all on the rise too. We don’t have to make too big a leap to connect these rises to the 24/7 social media lifestyle we now all enjoy. But do we?

Do we actually enjoy having perfectly toned and sculpted models paraded in front of us to aspire to? Is it healthy that these models themselves have been edited and photoshopped until they no longer resemble their true selves?
We follow these social media stars and watch in awe at their tanned bodies on enviable holidays, having fun with their friends and living a lifestyle we less fortunate mortals can only dream of.
But is that healthy?
The BOPO movement, or certainly the one that Positively Perfect are contributing to, is about learning to love who you are. Not just focusing on how you look. We promote that you are more than your body, and hopefully help to shine a light on the falsity of those feeds. We want people to enjoy those photos, but also understand they aren’t the reality.

We want people to realise that body issues effect everyone, tall short, fat or thin, every colour, every religion, every gender and every age group.

We are about size inclusivity. And whilst that idea is out of favour with the original body positivity crusaders who prefer to be plus positive only, for reasons we understand but don’t necessarily agree with.

Our fight is for everyone.

When someone learns to love themselves completely they feel better equipped to stand up to bullies.

They go for that new promotion.
They don’t accept the doctor fobbing them off.
They won’t allow their partner to insult or abuse them.

Loving yourself is about more than just being brave enough to wear a bikini or show your bingo wings, it is about life and death in many cases.
We are passionate about our cause, and we are so glad you are joining us.
Don’t allow anyone to tell you #BOPO is frivolous, or fat centric. It is vital, it is important and it is working!
So keep it up, we certainly will!

Survivor, Crusader & General Wonder Woman.

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