Take The Photo!

As many of you will be aware I lost my partner recently.

It was a sudden accident. A single moment in time that went on to change my world forever.

There are so very many emotions I have experienced during this time. And I’ve struggled to feel positive about anything, let alone how I look. It just hasn’t been important.

Because it isn’t, not really. I loved him and his oversized, undefined body. And he loved my size 22 post two babies, stretch mark rife one.

Whilst agonising over all the pain loss brings, We cling to the memories. And treasure the articles that help evoke them. Photos particularly become your most adored items.

Which is why I’m writing this.
Emotional as I am, to beg you to stop hiding from the camera. We all do it. We all duck or pull away saying our hairs a mess or we aren’t wearing make up.


There were so many photos he tried to take of our days out or experiences we had, and I would avoid them for fear of how I would look.

Now I am mourning each and every one of those missed opportunities.
I know he lives on in my memories, and the photos we did have.

So take the photo! Please.

I promise you that when your loved ones look back on them they will notice nothing but your eyes, your smile and how much love they have for you. They will remember the moment, not your outfit.

And join in. Don’t waste one single day sitting on the sidelines watching the fun, because you’re worried how you’ll look.

Life is too short.

Survivor, Crusader & General Wonder Woman.

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