So, the News says: If you are ‘fat’, you can’t be fit?

So it has been in the headlines a lot recently about how if you are ‘fat’, you can’t be fit, well I don’t agree with it. 

As someone who is very sports minded and rather active, I must admit I have to disagree. Just because us plus size ladies carry a little extra why does that automatically mean that we are unhealthy and that we cannot possibly partake in any sporting activity.

Now, I have been a sporty person ever since I was a young girl, I mean when it comes to sports I have done a lot over the years;


I still to this day play Hockey for a local club, I swim on a weekly basis and I am rather active with all the walking I do with my dog. I wouldn’t say that I am unfit, in fact I would say that I am quite fit, yes I probably could be fitter but I am happy with who I am.

I used to regularly go to the gym which I unfortunately had to stop due to the EXTORTIONATE monthly cost! When I was going, I didn’t always have the best experiences, normally, I am sorry to say, was in the changing rooms from other females. I never used to say anything when I would hear them talking about me, laughing and joking saying horrible things like ‘did you see her on the treadmill’ because for me it just wasn’t worth it. Except for one day, after I had been for a workout, I decided to go for a swim and jump into the hot tub for a little TLC. I wore a bikini. When I was getting changed out of my bikini and into my clothes, all I heard from behind me was ‘eurgh, look at that. How could she wear a bikini’. I left it, but it carried in, comments were made about my size, that I don’t belong in the gym, that girls my size shouldn’t wear swim wear, let alone lycra in the gym. On this particular occasion, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I turned to these two girls, who were giggling to themselves and politely asked, why they found it acceptable to talk about me within earshot, what made them qualified to decide that I shouldn’t be allowed to wear a bikini and lycra, and finally why does my acceptance of myself to wear these items intimidate them so much. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a reply to any of my questions and they just slinked off.

There are so many stereotypes when it comes to being plus size and sporty and I think over the last year or so, there have been so many videos and amazing inspirational women who have come to light, there are now plus sized Ballerina’s, plus sized street dancers, plus sized swimmers.

Everywhere you look there is someone who is on the plus size scale who is breaking the stereotypes and making the way for a whole new generation of self love and body acceptance.

I find it so frustrating that people automatically assume because you are larger you can’t run, come on what is that about? Just because my thighs are thick doesn’t mean they don’t work the same as someone who has slimmer thighs. Just because I don’t have a washboard stomach, doesn’t mean I am going to sink when I get into the swimming pool. I am fat, I am active, I am fit, I enjoy going out and being active and oddly enough I can do exactly the same as women half my size, some things I can even do better. So my message to those who think you can’t be fat and fit is GET OVER IT! There are more important things to worry about in life than if this fat girl can run or not!

Over and out

Emma K
Model, Pageant Princess & Sporty Girl

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