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So, the News says: If you are ‘fat’, you can’t be fit?

So it has been in the headlines a lot recently about how if you are ‘fat’, you can’t be fit, well I don’t agree with it.  As someone who is very sports minded and rather active, I must admit I have to disagree. Just because us plus size ladies carry a little extra why does…

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Lifestyle not Looks! – Guest Post

So, the other day, I posted a ‘progress pic’ of myself on my Insta Story, having finished my first post-partum round of the Shaun T fitness programme, Focus T25. Next thing I know, there’s a private message in my inbox from a lady, who we shall call ‘Monica’. Monica felt it her duty to ask…

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Online Shopping – Not just for Norm.

Online Shopping. A necessity for some, a convenience for others. For me it opened up a new world as I’m plus size. Whatever that means? Plus size is an often used phrase to describe people who don’t fit into the norm. Whatever the norm is? I’ve heard that on the high street plus size can…

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