Online Shopping – Not just for Norm.

Online Shopping. A necessity for some, a convenience for others.

For me it opened up a new world as I’m plus size. Whatever that means? Plus size is an often used phrase to describe people who don’t fit into the norm.

Whatever the norm is?

I’ve heard that on the high street plus size can be anything from size 12 up. I considered myself slim when I was a size 12! Now due to hyperthyroidism I’m a size 24. I knew of only two stores that held my size one for everyday, reasonably priced clothing, Evans and the other Box 2 (aka Bakou) a single store in Wimbledon village or online. So that was my limited knowledge until I started looking around for more classic styles and ‘baggy’ tops to wear around the house or generally for comfort.

I started to expand (outwards) 8 years ago shortly after I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid, but little did I realize how it would affect my life, the way I was perceived by ‘jo public’ and the lack of feminine styles including underwear available to the plus size woman. I was astounded! My late husband simply didn’t care. He loved me no matter what my clothing size said. I was safe and confident with him. But then he died in September 2015 and my confidence left with him. I was alone, I was overweight and I felt ugly and unhappy. Shouts from drivers as I walked down the road “Alright rent a tent” was one which hit me so hard, I cried. So I vowed to dispense with the flowing long dresses which hid my shape and were, to be honest, unsightly. So I investigated on the internet. Who knew there were so many. I found a style called ‘Lagenlook’, pretty out there but different. If I was going to reinvent my look I may as well try them all – right?

After ordering from Scarlett and Jo last year I joined the big shoot in April. it opened my eyes to wonderful possibilities and introduced me to other plus size women with an amazing list of fashion houses and suppliers for the plus size woman, in all products ranges. Some of those women became my friends and together we set up Positively Perfect. It was perfect – for me. Just the kick I needed and I will forever be grateful to them all for their help, love and inspiration.

Underwear continues to be an issue as larger sizes are seldom in the sale and a cheap size 42g bra is inevitably upwards of £38. I found a supplier in Burton upon Trent:

Who sells prior year styles much cheaper, that helped but something pretty, low cut for a low v neck dress, is virtually impossible. Then I discovered Ann Summers sell really pretty bras with deep low cut that are comfy and do hold ‘the girls’ up! Take a look!!! You’ll be surprised.

I thus have become an online shopper and I love it! From Asos to Marks and Spencer online, Simply Be to Yours these are for everyday looks.

But then there’s Lady V and Lindybop for something a little more Vintage inspired. I’m addicted to finding new and different looks.

No squeezing into a little changing room with clothes I simply know aren’t going to fit. No panic attacks when trying on and wondering if I’ll get out of it without ripping something. No dirty looks as I enter a store from the staff (shades of Pretty Woman, lol). I can try it on at home and if it doesn’t fit or looks awful on, it’s only me who knows. And I can send it back!

Just type plus size in your search engine – join me on the trail for fashion satisfaction and if you’re not happy – well write to the supplier. That’s the only way it’s going to change.

Happy shopping.

Founder Member, Model, Chief spellchecker and Mumma Chick.

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