Meet the PP Founders – Chelle

Hello all you gorgeous people.  I’m Chelle, yes its short for Michelle but that’s the only thing that’s short around here. At 6’1 I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in…. because let’s face it, I don’t!

Growing up I was always the weird awkward girl that never joined in with the girly things. My siblings and cousins were boys as I was growing up, so I just joined in with them. I liked cars and football, not makeup and hairstyles. Girls clothes didn’t even fit me, so why bother.

I’m 36 now and only just getting my head around eyeshadow. It’s been a colourful life, full of ups and downs. Some incredible highs, some absolutely glitter spangled highlights and some pretty awful lows. As a result, my body isn’t quite the slim, toned one I used to think was fat and disgusting. This one really is!

But do you know what? I am so proud of this body. It’s taken a long old time…36 years in fact, for me to be able to reach that conclusion. And it hasn’t come easy.

For me it’s taken meeting these 9 women. These Positively perfect specimens of female solidarity, love and support. Having them remind me each and every time I put myself down. Because I do, a lot. I guess it’s what us big girls do isn’t it? Get the joke in first. Pretend like if we make the joke then the other people won’t. And hey, it’s not like we haven’t heard them all before anyway.

These girls are helping me see that I am more than my size. Because I am far from the finished project. It’s one thing agreeing with the body positive sentiment but living it.. that’s hard. It’s hard to look at your naked wobbly belly and be ok with it, but I’m getting there.

I may not like how my body looks. But I love what it has done. It has produced two of the most amazing humans. It has survived domestic abuse, its beaten cancer. TWICE! It has swam in oceans, it has bungee jumped, it has ridden camels in the dessert, it has earned me the love of people I adore and most importantly….its still going!

It has managed to do all those things, and do you know what? I can’t remember what I was wearing during any of that! Because I’ve come to realise that life is judged on our experiences, not our wardrobe.

I’m always going to be tall. I am always going to be plus size. But I don’t always have to watch from the side-lines, because I don’t care what I look like anymore I just want to take part.

Because I’ve realised I don’t need to change, I’m already positively perfect.

Survivor, Crusader & General Wonder Woman.

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