21st Century Dating

So here at PP towers, a couple of our girls are currently single and on the market looking for a new partner in crime. Our very own Emma K has recently been out on a few dates and as you can imagine a few of the dates haven’t been amazing.

She has recently been sharing her experiences with us behind closed doors however, there is one in particular that she wants to share with everyone out of principle.

On a Wednesday night after work, I got changed, sorted out my hair, sorted out my face and made my way to the pub close to my office in Central London. I was off to meet a young chap who I had met on a dating app for a good month or so. I met him outside of the pub said hello and then in we went.

We got a couple of drinks and started chatting as we have done via text for weeks but it was quite nice to actually do it face to face. As the evening went on, it became more apparent to me that he wasn’t the right fit for me, which is perfectly acceptable, however, I carried on with the evening then we went our separate ways.
I hadn’t heard from him for a few weeks, which to be fair was no skin off my nose at it wasn’t a great date and he wasn’t quite what I would be looking for in a potential partner. Well randomly and out of the blue, I received a message from him apologising for not being in touch sooner but he didn’t think it would be a good idea for us to go out again.. Again, no skin off my nose as I completely agreed. He could have just left it there, but oh no! He needed to then go on and explain why.. So his reasons for not wanting to go out with me again are as follow;

  • I am not the usual type of girl he would go out with in regards to my looks
  • I am too opinionated
  • My knowledge was intimidating 

So I politely replied completely agreeing that we shouldn’t got out again but needed clarification on what he meant by the above points, so asked him outright that was it because I am a little bit fat and I have a brain to which he simply replied ‘Yes’.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not expect to be everyone’s cup of tea and I could never suggest that I should be, however, my size does not define who I am and the fact that I have a brain that is fully functioning with knowledge inside of it should not make a difference.

When did it become OK to say to a woman that her brain is intimidating and that is a reason not to date someone. I am not going to get started on my size because like I said not everyone likes a curvier woman and that is perfectly ok. My issue is the fact that because I am an intelligent, free minded woman who can hold a conversation across a number of topics make me unattractive.

Gents, if you find a woman who is intelligent, do not judge her on it, embrace the fact that she will be able to challenge you on topics you never thought she would know anything about. Enjoy the fact that you can be sitting at home watching your favourite team play football and she will be able to throw over some banter towards you about them. Get involved in the things that she enjoys because oddly enough you might be able to learn something from her.

We no longer live in a world where men are the superior sex, we live in a world where women are equal in all walks of life, we do not just sit at home and look after the house and tend to your every need.

Every single woman on this planet is a strong, powerful woman who is still learning what she can offer and who she is, we never stop growing and changing what we want from life so do not think that it is ok to belittle us because of our incredible minds.

Embrace who we are and broaden your horizons and have fun. Do not be ashamed to be with an intelligent woman.

Emma K
Model, Pageant Princess & Sporty Girl

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