So as you learned earlier in my meet the founders blog. Last year I embarked on a trying to improve the way I see and think of myself.

As part of this I entered MBBC as Mrs Derby Curve that is taking place on 5th August this year in Maidstone.

There are 4 Rounds so 4 Different outfits and to be honest my clothes obsession is one of the reasons I entered hehe

The rounds are as follows but not necessarily in this order.

Round 1 Red White or Blue shorter length dress Yep already have a few beautiful red dresses so check.

Round 2 Glitz and Glamour .Easy I have a beautiful dress that my Mum bought me for Christmas.

Round 3 Swimwear hmm this one is a bit tricky but still I have loads of swimwear and I have bought a gorgeous suit just for this.

So sounds like I am on a role right? Wrong and you may also be wondering why am I talking about this here?

Well Plus sized Evening gowns that’s why?!

I was soooo excited about getting to wear a glamorous evening gown for the final outfit. I have longed to wear a beautiful sparkly creation. Something Mermaidy and gorgeous and there are loads of shops that cater to my needs. Well they would if I was a size 12.

The first actual shop I went to was a lovely shop in Rotherham .

They have the most amazing wedding dresses to suit all kinds if budgets. They also have Prom dresses and Bridesmaid dresses and I was told these all went upto plus sized.

I found the Most amazing dress. It was £220 which was a lot of money but OMG I needed it. I had a chat with Jonas and we discussed the cost but because it was sooo gorgeous we decided we were just going to go for it.

The sales assistant went away to check if they had my size and was gone for ages.

After about 10 mins we went to find her. She was busy with another client. She had forgotten about us?! Really am I that easy to forget?

Anyway she went into the computer and discovered my beautiful dress only went upto an 18.

She patted me on the arm and said oh thats because girls who wear prom dresses are usually 16 then looked me up and down! Rude or what?

The next shop we went to was in Cannock and suposedly stocked dresses upto a 32. I excitedly went in. There were loads of totally gorgeous dresses.

I asked the sales assistant if they were all available up to a size 32? She looked me up and down and said No. We have a very select few and we cant order them you have missed the cut off until next year.

She showed me 1 dress in a baby pink colour which was really frumpy if a bedazzled gown could be such a thing then said this one is a 26 so will be too small for you but I think we night be able to make it bigger.

OMG This shop had any beautiful dress you could ever dream of but the only one that would fit me was hideous.

Next stop was Burton to a Wedding and Prom dress Factory shop also promising plus sizes.Again they had amazing dresses and in actual fact the one I had in my mind when I imagined a beautiful gown. But guess what? They only have the sizes they have and cant order any larger in.
They had 1 dress that was remotely my size which I tried on but it wasn’t the one.  I was definitely not saying yes to that dress.

So here I am in need of a Beautiful gown that would make Cinderella,Belle and the little mermaid Jealous but cant find one I can try on.
So I have resorted to ordering one online and I am sat here baited breath waiting for it it come.

I am keeping my fingers toes and eyes crossed that it is like the picture and is decent fabric and more importantly fits.

So if anyone knows of anywhere I can buy an off the peg dress that would fit me please let me know and for any shop owners or designers reading this I think you could be onto a winner if you start making plus size twinkly prom dresses.

I will keep you posted on the next instalment of the Evening gown wars lol

aka KitEH. Founder Member, Model, Vintage Lover & Glitter Queen.

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