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Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect23 hours ago
Good Morning Beautiful ones,

Have you decided which one of our #loveyourselfisland shoots you are coming to?

We would love to see you at one or all of them. Don't forget you can wear whatever you are comfortable wearing and the one thing we can promise is that you will have fun and a #positivelyperfect day out.

We will be in
Blackpool 20th July
Gorleston on sea 3rd August
Worthing 17th August

Check out our event pages for more info.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect2 days ago
Good Morning Beautiful ones,

We wish that there was a mirror that showed you all of your beauty.

One that showed your kindness, your strength, your whole personality and the way you look to others.

Until there is you will just have to take our word that you are #positivelyperfect inside and out!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 days ago
So as you will have seen last night, we shared an absolutely disgusting body shaming post that had been shared by Want That Trend

Not only did we request you guys report the post, which you did. Thank you! We also emailed the company demanding an apology.

Here is the email:-

Dear Want That Trend,

As the founder of body positivity activism group, Positively Perfect uk, I was appalled this evening to scroll through my timeline and find myself confronted with a disgusting meme that was body shaming a gentleman.

This meme had been live on your page for 10 hours and had received over 17,000 comments!

As a brand who sell plus size clothing, and use a lady who has campaigned for better understanding of body conformity and beauty ideals. I was unsure whether to be angry or sad.

Thankfully our followers reported the lost so many times that it was eventually removed. Whether by Facebook or yourselves is thus far unclear.

I am aware that inboxes to your customer services department have been met with replies stating that it was loaded in error.
And whilst we can all appreciate accidents happen. I’m unclear as to how you can accidentally post an offensive meme, along with your web address and a perfectly contextually accurate emoticon. Nor why not one of the 17 THOUSAND notifications your brand would have received, might not have alerted someone in the TEN HOURS within which this disgusting meme was live.

Now whilst you have removed the offensive post. That does not go far enough.
We demand a public apology for the body shaming that your company has incited. That meme enticed some truly repugnant comments and simply deleting it is just not good enough.

What you do with your staff member that deemed such a disgrace as suitable is your own business. But for the sake of the thousands who have seen that disgusting post, they require suitable apology.

I trust that this will be forthcoming swiftly. We will endeavour to keep our own followers aware of the situation and your response to it.

Kind regards

CEO and founder

Below is their response.

We feel it only fair to share their apology with you. We have responded requesting that they issue a public apology on their actual social media.

Please know, we will not stand for body shaming and we WILL take companies to task over anything we see that invites such comments.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 days ago
Good Morning and Happy Father's Day,

Thank you Dads you are all #positivelyperfect in our eyes!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect4 days ago
This is really quite saddening.

This brand actually sell clothing up to a size 24

This brand is happy to take the money from plus size customers, yet are completely comfortable with body shaming people in public.

We can’t cure the world, but we as consumers do have a voice, and it comes from our purse!

Think twice about purchasing from companies that behave this way, explain in the only way that matters... their bottom line... that body shaming will not be tolerated.

Want That Trend we are disgusted. We hope that Katie Piper is made aware and withdraws her association with you swiftly. We can’t imagine such a campaigner could ever want to be connected to such disgraceful imagery
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect4 days ago
Do you see these carvings? Dated as far back as prehistoric times in some cases. Found in various places all across the world

They all depict goddesses.
They are carved to show the beauty of the female form.

Long before media could manipulate our ideals, before big diet industries could tell us we should look better, long before we stopped realising that our bodies are positively perfect just as they are.

Your body isn’t flawed.
Our prejudices over what is an acceptable way to look is.

Just look at these sculptures for a moment, consider the effort that would have gone in to them. Remember that your body doesn’t have to look like the current standard to be worthy of calling a work of art.