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Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect14 hours ago
Good Morning Amazing ones,

Never ever let anyone steal your kindness or make you feel stupid for being open, loving and giving.

It's never a mistake to do what feels good in your heart, that's what makes you the #positivelyperfect person you are.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect2 days ago
Good Morning Beautiful ones,

We are recycling last years post but it's still valid and true.

There is a lot of time, money, make up and styling that goes into making the beautiful people we see beautiful, not to mention the photoshopping and hundreds of wasted photos.

So stop comparing your image to theirs you are #positivelyperfect without all of that!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 days ago
Good Morning Perfect ones,

It's important that you realise your voice is allowed to be heard.

Sometimes because we are not comfortable in our skin we feel other people's opinions are more valid than ours or we don't feel comfortable to voice ours.

It's time to speak up! You are #positivelyperfect and are allowed to take up space and have an opinion!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect4 days ago
Good Morning Gorgeous ones,

Why do we carry around so much hate for ourselves in our hearts?

Imagine if we replaced that hate with love or in the least acceptance ? How #positivelyperfect would that be? It's surely worth a try?
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect shared a post.4 days ago
Are you coming to see us at this lovely event in Coventry?

Topsy Curvy Plus Size Fashion and Apples & Pears Clothing will be there with loads of goodies to buy.

There's going to be loads of exciting things to see on the day and best of all it's all for charity.

Plus if you get your ticket today it's half price!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect5 days ago
Good Morning Beautiful ones,

What makes you beautiful is on the inside.
If you aren't beautiful on the inside you can't be beautiful on the outside.

You are #positivelyperfect from the inside out!