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Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 hours ago
Good Morning Amazing ones,

We hope your week is as #positivelyperfect as you are! Just remember your happiness is in your hands.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect23 hours ago
Did you know that today is #randomactofkindnessday

We recently ran a competition to encourage this very thing! And we have had word that the lovely Paula has received her prize, the gorgeous “be kind” tee from Topsy Curvy Plus Size Fashion

Don’t wait for a special day to be kind.
Try and do one kind thing a day, imagine how amazing the world could be if we all just did one kind thing.

And don’t forget that kindness starts with you! Take time to offer yourself some kindness too
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect1 day ago
Good Morning Amazing ones,

It’s time to realise what a super amazing , gorgeous, clever and generally wonderful person you are!

You deserve to be treated that way always.

You deserve a #positivelyperfect life so go out there add live it.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect2 days ago
Good Morning Amazing ones,

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you they like you with the things they say or do, if you don’t like yourself you won’t hear them!

We have a habit of focusing on the negatives when the positives far outweigh them.

You can’t love yourself overnight we understand that, but you can find something different you like everyday!

Start Today and soon you will realise you were #positivelyperfect all along.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect shared their post.3 days ago
Good Morning lovelies,

I’m sharing last years post as it’s still relevant now.

You are all #positivelyperfect and need to find love for yourself.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect4 days ago
Good Morning Sweethearts,

Happy Valentines Day

Today is all about love. Go out and spread love everywhere.

Remind your friends and lovers how much they mean to you and how they make your life #positivelyperfect just by being a part of it!