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Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect7 hours ago
Good Morning Perfect ones,

It's time to turn your attention away from the bits you dislike about yourself and direct it to the bits you like!

Other people can't see your imperfections and in fact to the outside world you are already #positivelyperfect!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect1 day ago
Good Morning Perfectly Imperfect ones,

It's always important to remember that just because a body type doesn't look like yours it doesn't mean it's better or worse than yours.

It's very difficult to get out of the habit of being judgemental about other people's and indeed our own bodies, but most people have their own daily image struggles and even though you think they look amazing and have nothing to be insecure about , they might not.

In our opinion you are all #positivelyperfect but also entitled to not feel that way. So instead of bringing others down let's carry on lifting others up!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect2 days ago
Good Morning Amazing ones ,

Kindness is so important! You should always be kind to each other but also to yourselves.

Your size and weight are the least interesting things about you! You are much more than that.

You are your kindness you are your humour you are your knowledge and much more!

You are #positivelyperfect just the way you are!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 days ago
Well said young lady 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

This may just be a maths equation to most people. But in a world where our shapes and weights are so heavily criticised, we must be more aware of the messages we send.

Well done to those around this young lady for raising her to be so confident and aware.
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect3 days ago
Today's post is actually a repost from last year but weirdly we were going to talk about the same thing!

Good Morning Perfect ones,

Today’s Message can be applied to every situation.

There are days when you feel you can accomplish anything, that you feel amazing and your body is a thing of wonder....
Then there are days when getting out of bed is scary and you feel your reflection in the mirror has been replaced with a photo of a caveman/woman.

Just remember just as the goods days don’t last forever, neither do the bad!

You are #positivelyperfect everyday, try to remember that on days you don’t feel it!
Positively Perfect
Positively Perfect4 days ago
Good Morning Lovelies,

This is an old Meme but still very much valid!

You are all of those things and more!

You are #positivelyperfect